No-Knock Address Registry

No KnockThe Town of Trophy Club takes residents’ right to live in a safe and peaceful community very seriously. In 2014 the Town Council amended the Solicitation Ordinance and instituted a No-Knock Registry for residents to help prevent solicitors and people wishing to leave handbills from approaching doors. Residents who register their home address on the No-Knock List and display a ‘No Soliciting’ sign are protected under the Code of Ordinances against solicitors and door hangers. If a private residence is registered on the No-Knock List and has a ‘No Solicitation’ sign visible, then it is an ordinance violation for solicitors and people dropping off handbills to go onto the residential property.

No-Knock Registry

If you are the owner or lawful occupant of any residence within the Town of Trophy Club, you may register your address for the No-Knock Address Registry by completing the form below. The No-Knock Registry will be presented to solicitors at the time of obtaining a permit, and they will be instructed not to approach homes on that list. The No-Knock Registry is also available on this webpage for reference.

If you have registered your address on the No-Knock Registry and have a ‘No Solicitation’ signposted and a solicitor comes to your door, please immediately contact Police dispatch at 972-434-5500, option 9.

A valid email address is required to register; however, only street addresses will appear on the No-Knock Registry published on this site and distributed to solicitors.

'No Soliciting' are no longer being sold. They were provided through the TCEVA (Trophy Club Emergency Volunteer Association) previously. 

No-Knock List of Registered Addresses

The list will be updated in real-time. However, registrants are not considered active until the Monday following the online address submission. Registered addresses will remain on the list until such time as the resident requests that it be removed. To be removed from the list, send an email to us with the address and a request to be taken off of the list. If you have any questions regarding the No-Knock Registry program, please contact the Permitting Office at 682-237-2917.

No Knock 2 Opens in new windowExemptions

Please note that charitable organizations, religious organizations, and political campaigns are exempt from this requirement.

Check for an ID Badge

If an individual approaches your door for solicitation purposes, they should have a visible Trophy Club-issued ID badge displayed with their current picture. If they do not, residents may request to view the badge. If the solicitor does not present one at that time or indicates that they have left the badge in their vehicle or office, residents can contact Police dispatch at 972-434-5500, option 9.

No-Knock List

No-Knock Address Registry

Form to Fill out to be Added to the No-Knock List 

Enter information on this form to be added to the No-Knock List.