Trapped Animals

Renting a Trap

Trophy Club residents may use Town-owned traps for the humane capture of nuisance animals on their property. Traps shall not be used for out of Town use.

A resident wanting to use a trap just needs to call the Animal Control Officer at 682.237.2969, he will take your information and then bait and deliver the traps to your door.  Because of the Town-wide needs, we suggest that you call to see if traps are available. If they are not available the resident will be placed on a waiting list. Traps shall be used on a first come first serve basis.

Use Information

Traps can be checked out by one resident for a maximum of 7 days. If all of the traps are in use, residents will be put on a short waiting list.  Traps will be closed by the Animal Control Officer on Fridays, please know that no trappings on the weekend can be assured.  When a resident finds a trapped animal in one of the Town -owned traps, please let the ACO know and they provide all relocation services.  

When a trap is due back to the Town, the ACO will come to the residence to pick up and clean the service trap as needed.  SPecial extended time will be given if the trap is needed for more than the 7 days.  

No deposit is required.  

If an Animal Is Trapped

In the event that a citizen has trapped an animal in a Town-owned trap, the following procedure shall be followed:

  • Domesticated animals shall be brought back to the police department and placed in a kennel by the ACO or an officer.
  • Non-domesticated animals such as raccoons, foxes, bobcats, opossums, and armadillos will be taken to a non-residential area such as Trophy Club Park and released.


Skunks have to be euthanized and cannot be released back into the wild. Town employees are prohibited from handling trapped skunks because of possible contamination. The euthanasia specialist shall be contacted for disposal. There is no charge assessed to residents for this service provided it is in a Town-owned trap.

Non-Domesticated Animals

Non-domesticated animals that have made their way into garages, homes or other property may be caught and transported to Trophy Club Park. The officer may opt to advise the complainant to leave the area open so that the non-domesticated animal can leave the area at its discretion.

Privately Owned Traps

Animals trapped in privately owned traps are the responsibility of the resident. If the animal is a non-domestic animal, residents will be advised where they can safely release the animal. Domestic animals may be brought to the shelter. If the trapped animal is a skunk, the resident shall be given the number of the euthanasia specialist. There is a fee associated with this service that is paid directly to the specialist.


For questions, please call the Trophy Club Police Department at 682-237-2969.