Animal Control

The Police Department operates the animal shelter in Trophy Club, which is managed by an Animal Control Officer. The following services are available:

  • Accept surrendered animals
  • Animal Control presentations to schools, civic groups, and other organizations
  • Adoption fee $50.00
  • Provide information on coexisting with wildlife
  • Register Rover, an animal registration program
  • Respond to stray dog complaints, investigate dangerous animals
  • Wildlife traps available upon request

Local Animal Control Specialist

Brian Hall, being a certified specialist, offers the following services to our residents:

  • Acts as Local Rabies Control Authority
  • Educational presentations on request
  • Wildlife traps available upon request

Pet Adoption

Interested in adopting rather than shopping for your new forever pet!  If so, please contact our Animal Control Officer, Brian Hall, and he will help you find the right services for your forever pet!

Feeding the Ducks & Geese

Please refrain from feeding birdseed, bread, popcorn or anything else to waterfowl. There are several reasons why feeding waterfowl is harmful (PDF). If you have any questions, please contact the Trophy Club Animal Services Department at 682-237-2969 or [email protected].

Common TC Pet Ordinances

Leash Law

  • Sec 2.01.011: Unlawful for any animal to be “at large,” other than a cat. Only in Freedom Dog Park may dogs be unrestrained; Invisible fences are allowed to restrain dogs to their yard. Leashes keep our pets safe. Even the most well trained dog under “voice” command, could get into trouble.
  • Sec. 2.01.010: Unlawful for pets to defecate on public property. This is our “pooper scoop” law. Do the right thing: pick up after your pet, please.
  • Sec. 2.01.009: Sanitary conditions where animal are kept. From keeping a chicken coop clean to doing the pooper scooping in your own backyard, it is a must that we keep our pet’s areas free from odors, flies, etc….. especially with warmer weather coming; change out your outdoor pet’s food and water frequently to prevent mosquitos and vermin.
  • Sec. 2.01.012: Animal noise. It is unlawful to allow any noises from your pet to go on for more than 15 minutes of continued duration in that it disturbs your neighbors. Roosters are prohibited within our town limits.