Organization & Staffing

The Trophy Club Police Department is a professional organization with an authorized staff of 20 full-time sworn officers, up to eight reserve sworn officers, and non-sworn employees that include the Administrative Assistant, Animal Control Officer, and School Crossing Guards.

Chief’s Office

Chief’s Office consists of the:

  • Chief
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Patrol Captain
  • CID Captain

Patrol Division

Patrol Division is the largest Division in the Police Department with a strength of:

  • 3 Patrol sergeants
  • 13 full-time patrol officers
  • Current roster of reserve officers

Criminal Investigation Division

Criminal Investigation Division consists of:

  • 1 Detective
  • 1 Sergeant - Special Services
  • Crime Prevention/Community Liaison officer
  • Animal Control Officer
  • School Crossing Guards
  • 2 School Resource Officers