Police Department


The Trophy Club Police Department is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe community and enforcing all laws without prejudice or bias, utilizing proactive partnerships and meeting the challenges of our changing environment.  This mission is accomplished by staying committed to the highest standard of excellence and maintaining accountability for actions in the community.


  • Exceeding high standards for public safety and maintain a low crime rate


  • Continue “Recognized” status from state of Texas.
  • Prepare for town’s growth by hiring quality applicants for future expanded responsibilities.
  • Enhance professionalism through continued training of officers.
  • Continue to keep up with the latest technology to assist with enforcement actions.
  • Sponsor and attend community events and activities to ensure high level services are being provided to citizens of Trophy Club.
  • Enhance investigative resources to ensure juvenile investigations are prioritized and all options are explored for resolution.


Police Department Operations, Investigation Patrol, Animal Control

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