Council / Manager Government

The Town of Trophy Club is a Council/Manager form of government located in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex.  This form of government combines the strong political leadership of elected officials and the strong professional experience of a Town Manager. 

Trophy Clubs' home rule charter was approved in November 2004.

Town Council Chambers


The Mayor and Town Council establish policy and law in Trophy Club. The Town Manager has responsibility for submitting the annual budget, directing day-to-day operations, advising the Town Council on matters affecting the Town and appointing and removing Town personnel.

Mayor Accountability  

The Mayor's responsibilities include:

  • Preside at its meetings and vote
  • Serve as head of government for ceremonial purposes
  • Serve as spokesperson for the Town
  • Facilitate communication

Council Accountability  

The Town Council's responsibilities include:

  • Determine purpose, scope of services, tax levels and constitution issues
  • Pass ordinances
  • Approve new projects or programs
  • Ratify budget
  • Make implementing decisions
  • Handle complaints
  • Oversee administration
  • Suggest management changes to manager
  • Oversee organizational performance through manager's appraisal

Town Manager Accountability  

The Towns Manager's responsibilities include:

  • Advise
  • Analyze conditions and trends
  • Make recommendations
  • Formulate budget
  • Establish practices and procedures
  • Make decisions for implementing policy