Town Governance Officer/Town Secretary

TrophyClub2023-5708-2 Opens in new windowThe Town Governance Officer/Town Secretary and Records Management Officer are one of 4 Chartered Town Officers appointed by the Mayor and Council.  It is also a statutory position required by State Law and the Town Charter.  

The Town Governance Officer/ Town Secretary and RMO provide Legislative and Administrative support to the Mayor and Council while responsible for the following:

  • Board and Commission Appointment Process: Recruitment, Applications, and Training.  A new Public Portal was unveiled July 2021, providing an e-application process, a listing of all Boards/Commissions; their membership; terms, and availability due to vacancies.   
  • Serves as Custodian of Town Records: Maintenance and Preservation.
  • Serves as the Town's Municipal Elections Administrator. 
  • Serves as Records Management Officer (RMO) overseeing the Records Management Program and Public Information Requests.  A new Public Portal for open records requests was implemented in December 2020, providing e-requests to be submitted through a workflow process while utilizing a dashboard to monitor and track your request.   
  • Oversees the Audio/Visual Production of Town Council Meetings.
  • Facilitates the Preparation of Council Meeting Agendas, Packets, and Minutes.  A new Public Portal was implemented in January 2021, allowing for public access to the agenda packet as well as viewing Council Meetings via YouTube.

Municipal Elections

The Town's Elections Administrator ensures the Town's Elections are being conducted in accordance with the Texas Election Code and the Town's Charter, including:  

  • Coordination with Denton and Tarrant Counties for the Town's General/Special Elections
  • Serve as Filing Authority of Candidate Applications, Candidate and Officeholder Campaign Finance Contribution/Expenditure Reports
  • Drafting and Reviewing Ballot Information, Notice of Election, Ordinance(s) Calling the Election, Translation of Election Documents 
  • Posting and Publishing Legal Notices, Election Notices 
  • Monitoring the Vote Totals on Election Day from Denton/Tarrant Counties

See election information.

Town Records (Public Information Requests)

The Town Governance Officer is the Custodian of all Public Records, including the preservation and maintenance of contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and minutes. The Town Governance Officer also serves as the Town's Records Management Officer (RMO).  The RMO  facilitates responses to all Public Information Requests.  The Town Governance Officer recently implemented a system to assist with Public Information Requests entitled JustFOIA that allows all departments to monitor their respective request for timely distribution, allowing for a redaction tool and providing the requestor the capability to pay online via PayPal.   

Find more information about Town Records.

Current and Upcoming Council Meeting Agendas

All Town Council and Board and Commission meeting materials, effective October 1, 2023, are being posted on the new Agenda Center webpage. Meeting agendas, minutes, and videos prior to October 2023 can be found at the following locations: 

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