Economic Development

Located iRetail Opportunities in Trophy Club Mapn the fastest-growing area of the Dallas/Fort Worth region, Trophy Club has unique opportunities for development and commercial expansion along the State Highway 114 corridor. Trophy Club’s convenient location between the DFW International Airport and the Fort Worth Alliance Airport positions the town of more than 14,000 residents’ only minutes from the 4th largest international airport in the world and the world’s first 100% industrial airport designed for cargo and corporate aviation traffic. Originally designed as a rural getaway for wealthy executives, throughout the year's Trophy Club has morphed into a well-educated, highly developed, and prosperous community with a strong workforce that supports the business climate in the area.

Trophy Club is focused on strengthening the relationships with existing business owners, as well as assisting new businesses with relocation to Trophy Club. In a 2011 Citizen Survey with Trophy Club respondents identified several businesses that residents would like in Trophy Club. Restaurants are highly valued as desirable additions to the town and 30% of residents surveyed identified a steakhouse as the number one business they would enjoy dining at in Trophy Club. Read more about the 2011 Citizen Survey (PDF).

Economic Development Corporation-4B

The mission of the Trophy Club Economic Development Corporation 4B (EDC 4B) is to promote economic development within the Town and the State of Texas in order to eliminate unemployment and underemployment, and to promote and encourage employment and the public welfare of, for, and on behalf of the town by undertaking, developing, providing, and financing TC Demographics-1 Opens in new windowprojects under the Economic Development Act and as defined in Section 4B of the Act.

Learn about the Economic Development Corporation-4B.

Businesses interested in EDC 4B funding should contact the Town Manager's Office at 682-237-2901.

Demographics / Labor

Trophy Club’s population is approximately 12,000 people. Trophy Club residents have a median household income of $122,539 with 47% of residents being college graduates. Trophy Club has a daytime population of over 21,000 within a 3-mile radius.


The Town of Trophy Club offers competitive incentives to attract businesses meeting the vision and standards established by Trophy Club’s Town Council. Trophy Club strives to utilize incentives strategically and judiciously to create a positive outcome for our future business developers as well as our existing taxpayers.

Businesses interested in incentives should contact the Town Manager's Office at 682-237-2901.