Highway Median with Trees

Trophy Club has over 100 medians throughout town that are maintained by Parks Department staff. Parks staff focuses on the visual impact, median upkeep, and landscaping maintenance as one of the department's highest priorities. Water conservation is at the forefront of planning future median landscaping in Trophy Club and there is a focused effort to move forward in an environmentally friendly, fiscally responsible manner.

Landscape Designs

Trophy Club medians vary throughout town with different landscape designs and plant materials. The east side of Trophy Club features a more mature landscape design with larger deciduous and evergreen trees. The west side of town, along Trophy Club Drive, features a deliberate effort to combine plants that thrive within a low-water environment with hardscaping, such as large natural rocks, in order to create medians that perform better in the dry Texas climate. Mixing low water xeriscaping designs along with more traditional landscaping keep the medians fresh and unique, as well as reducing maintenance costs when possible.

Seasonal Color

Seasonal color still remains one of the best ways to beautify our community. The Parks Department plants seasonal color twice a year, both in the late fall and then again during the spring. The color variance, variety, and flexibility of utilizing a seasonal floral design that beautifies not only median tips, but also areas such as the entrance to Medlin Cemetery, the entry feature to Eagles Ridge, and the municipal buildings.