Warrant Information

Failure to Appear: The Trophy Club Municipal Court participates in a “Failure to Appear-Failure to Comply” program with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Delinquent criminal cases are reported and the defendant’s driver license is not eligible for renewal until the ticket(s) are handled at the court. DPS has contracted with OmniBase Services to administer this program.

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, the following procedures apply:

  • You may pay your warrant(s) in full in person at the Municipal Court or you may pay online.
  • You may pay the fine using cash, money order, cashier's check, or credit card (Credit Card fees apply in person, it is 3.5% with a $0.95 minimum and online they are 6.5% with a $ 3.95 minimum). No personal checks.
  • Note, payment in full will result in a conviction and will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • If you have never appeared in court, you may post a cash bond, or personal bond to have the warrant removed and set a court date.
  • Surety bonds will only be accepted upon approval of the judge.

Warrant Types

There are two types of warrants - Alias and Capias Pro Fine.

  • An Alias warrant is issued when a Defendant fails to make an initial appearance in the Court. This type of warrant may be cleared by payment, the posting of a surety bond, personal bond or the posting of a cash bond.
  • A Capias Pro Fine warrant is issued when a Defendant fails to comply with an Order of the Court, i.e. failure to complete defensive driving, failure to complete community service, or failure to make payment. Contact the court at 682-237-2990 for more information.

Posting Bonds

A surety bond may be obtained through a bail bondsman or licensed attorney. The bondsman or attorney contacts the Court for the correct bond information and once the bond is filed and processed, the warrant will be cleared and both the Defendant and surety are notified of the date and time of the Court hearing the Defendant must attend. Failure to attend the hearing may result in the warrant being re-issued and the Court beginning bond forfeiture proceedings against the surety.

A cash bond or personal bond may be filed directly at the Court office. The cash bond will equal the total amount due for the warrant(s) and, once filed, will be held to guarantee the Defendant’s appearance at a scheduled Court hearing. Failure to attend the hearing may result in additional fees and/or warrant(s).


After a warrant has been active for sixty days, the warrant information will be transferred to our collections law firm for processing. In accordance with Texas State Law, a 30% collection fee will be applied to any violation transferred to the collections law firm.

Credit for Time Served

Credit for time served may be requested from the Judge for violations in an active warrant status. Please contact the Court office at 682-237-2990 for more information.

Warrant Round Up

The Trophy Club Municipal Court, in partnership with The Trophy Club Police Department, is proud to participate in the Great Texas Statewide Warrant Round Up. During this time, agencies across the State will be actively searching at home, work or school for those who have not taken care of delinquent Class C violations. Don’t wait. Take care of your outstanding citation(s) now to avoid arrest.