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Information below is provided to you as a courtesy and sets forth general information.  It is not meant to replace the advice of an attorney and is not intended to be legal advice.  Although the employees of the Court are willing to be of assistance and are trained to explain your options for handling your citation in the Municipal Court, they are prohibited from offering or providing you legal advice.  You are encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney if you have questions about the law, procedures and your rights under the law.

It is your responsibility to verify with the Court that your forms have been received and filed with the Court.

Court Forms (Click to Open):
Trial Procedures Brochure
Court Appearance Request
Waiver of Show Cause Hearing

2020 Court Options Brochure
Plea Form
Motion for Continuance
Motion to Dismiss - $10 Fee
Motion to Dismiss - $20 Fee
Motion to Dismiss - Insurance
Deferred Disposition Request
Driver's Safety Course Affidavit
Driving Record Request
Time Served Request
Citizen Complaint
Financial Hardship Review Request
Extension Request for Prior Court Orders

Open Records Request