Trophy Club parks and medians are among the prettiest in the Metroplex - an honor that both residents and the town take very seriously. Beautiful parks and medians have become a symbol of the high-quality living Trophy Club offers and provides a distinguishable ambiance that makes it clear to visitors when they have entered or exited the town.

Highway Median with Trees

Trophy Club is committed to a high level of maintenance, landscaping standards and forward-thinking improvements to help ensure that beautification remains a priority for the township.

Volunteer Community

Trophy Club Parks and Recreation Department is always looking for new and improved ways to further enhance Trophy Club as a desirable and attractive community. Trophy Club beautification efforts are ongoing and the town will continue to utilize all resources possible, relying heavily on the volunteer community and seeking small community grants through state and federal partners.

For more information about volunteer opportunities in Trophy Club, please contact Tony Jaramillo, Director of Parks and Recreation at 682-237-2923.

Additional Information