Keeping Waterways Clean

Town staff monitors the storm sewer system regularly and also routinely remove debris from drains and sewers to prevent water from backing up into streets and homes when it rains. Unfortunately, actions such as littering and dumping yard waste and household fluids down storm drains can lead to blockages between scheduled maintenance works.

Trophy Club's Creek Care Guide for Residents & Businesses

Please do your part to keep the inlets and drainage ways clear of brush and debris. Here are steps you can take (PDF) to protect the quality and control the quantity of water in Trophy Club's creeks. These actions also will beautify your neighborhood and reduce the risk of dangerous flooding.

  • Maintain your vehicle to help prevent leaks or breaks causing fluids to spill onto streets.
  • Don't pour used motor oil, antifreeze, old pesticides or any other pollutants into the storm drainage system. Instead, bring your used oil/antifreeze and other hazardous waste items to Trophy Club's bi-annual Community Clean-Up held every Fall and Spring or take your waste directly to Fort Worth Environmental by calling 817-871-5275.
  • Apply fertilizers and pesticides properly. Read labels to determine how much to use and when to apply the products.
  • Use a mulching mower or bag your grass and leaves instead of blowing the yard waste into the street. Yard waste can clog storm drains and, since it is organic matter, it can reduce the amount of oxygen in the creek. Fish need oxygen to survive.
  • Pick up litter around your neighborhood or business so that trash doesn't collect on drainage inlets or clog storm sewer pipes. If you see someone littering, report the incident to the Trophy Club police.
  • If you spot a blocked drain or notice illegal dumping, call 682-238-2915, and an inspector will investigate.
  • Putting any foreign substances into the storm sewer is a violation of the Town ordinance