Driver Safety Course

Pursuant to Chapter 45 of the Texas Code of Criminal procedure, you may complete a driving safety course for a moving violation once in a 12 month time period. This does not apply to any non-moving violations, any offenses committed in a commercial motor vehicle, or anyone holding a commercial driver’s license. Upon successful completion of the 6 hour course taken through a certified provider with the Texas Education Agency, your violation will be dismissed and a conviction will not be reported to the State.

Other courses available include a motorcycle operator’s training course and a seatbelt safety course. To determine eligibility for either of these courses, please contact the Court office.

To qualify for a Driver Safety Course, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must present a valid Texas driver’s license or military ID if you are a member/dependent of a member of the U.S. Military forces serving on active duty
  2. You must present current insurance coverage and be a listed driver on the policy
  3. You must not have completed another driver safety course within the last 12 months for dismissal of a citation or be in the process of taking a course for another citation that is not yet reflected on your record
  4. You must not possess a commercial driver’s license, been charged with an offense in a construction zone with workers present, or been cited for more than 24 mph over the posted speed limit
  5. You must pay all state court costs in full at the time of the request - $144 for regular moving violations - $169 for violations cited in a school zone

Completing the Process

You will have 90 days from the date of request to complete the course and return the certificate along with a certified copy of your driving record to the Court office. Failure to present all necessary documentation to the Court within the time period allowed will result in you being scheduled for a Show Cause docket before the Judge. Failure to appear for the Show Cause docket will result in a final judgment of guilty being entered on the docket, a conviction being reported to your record, and a warrant being issued for any costs that remain due on the violation.

Requesting to Complete a Driver Safety Course

You may request to complete a Driver Safety Course either in person at the Court office or by mail with the proper request form.