Street Maintenance & Road Construction

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance crews are charged with the ongoing repair, replacement, and preventative maintenance of all streets in Trophy Club. This includes panel replacement, temporary patches, and preventative measures such as route and seal programs.

TC Construction CP

The Streets Services Department also oversees any Transportation-related issue in town, which generally includes the inspection, repair or replacement of streets, regulatory signs, and guide signs. This service also provides for the replacement of any missing or damaged ceramic traffic “buttons” and painted lane markings, calming lanes, and symbols.

Road Construction

Road construction is a necessary effect of street maintenance and periodic road construction projects can sometimes cause lane closures and delays.

Construction Inspection

The Construction Inspection arm of the Streets Services Department is charged with daily inspection of all the development projects, as well as any Capital Improvements Projects led by the town. Inspectors ensure that construction projects, changes or repairs comply with all town, county, and state standards and contract requirements.

Additional Information

For additional information on these projects please contact Streets and Facilities at 682-237-2936.