The Street Services Division is responsible for all aspects of maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of the Town's 52 linear miles (104 linear curb miles) of concrete streets. The department conducts street sweeping bi-annually and curb repairs as necessary. Street Services also responds to emergencies ranging from the treatment of roads during winter months to flooding.


The Street Services Division manages three main areas of responsibility:

Additional Responsibilities

Additionally, Street Services' responsibilities include:

  • Installation and maintenance of traffic signs and controls
  • Performs all construction inspections on new or rehabilitated infrastructure
  • Provides support to various other departments as needed
  • Storm sewer maintenance
  • Stormwater drainage

Report Deficiencies

To report deficiencies online in any of these areas, please contact the street department. Deficiencies are rated and repaired according to the urgency and severity of the repair.

Design Standards

Town of Trophy Club - Design Standards (pdf)