Fire Marshal's Office

2021 International Fire Code Adoption

The Town Council of the Town of Trophy Club has adopted the 2021 edition of the International Fire Code including local and regional amendments. Amendments to the fire code can be found here.

Plan Review and Construction Permits 

All construction plan review submittals and permits are handled by the Community Development Department. For more information, please contact Permit Technician Thad Johnson at 682-237-2917 or visit our Permitting Page.

  • Residential Plans – Plans for single-family residential sprinkler systems are reviewed in-house by the Fire Marshal.  
  • Commercial Plans – All commercial plans must be stamped and approved by a professional engineer, licensed in the state of Texas before submitted for plan review.
  • Remodels – No plan review is required for sprinkler system alterations involving 20 or fewer fire sprinkler heads. A permit is required for alterations involving the addition or relocation of more than 20 fire sprinkler.

All plan reviews will be completed within 10 business days.

Annual Fire Safety Inspections

Licensed Fire Inspectors conduct fire safety inspections at all commercial businesses, churches, schools, and apartment buildings every year. The most common fire code violations found during inspections include:

  • Fire protection equipment (fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers) that are past due for their annual service inspection by a licensed contractor.
  • Housekeeping, including the storage of items in prohibited areas such as electrical rooms, riser rooms, or exit stairwells.
  • Blocked emergency exits.
  • Improper use of extension cords or surge protectors. 
  • Exit or emergency lights with defective bulbs or back-up batteries.

Violations observed during the inspection must be corrected in a timely manner. 

Knox Key Box

Knox BoxAll commercial properties, churches, schools, and apartment buildings in Trophy Club are required to have a Knox key box on their buildings. These metal boxes manufactured by Knox allow firefighters to gain rapid access to a building in an emergency without damaging doors or windows.

Fire inspectors will check the installed Knox Box for current keys to the business during the annual fire safety inspection. If you change your exterior door keys, please notify the fire department so we can update the keys in the Knox box. 

Knox Boxes are ordered on-line at

Fire and Arson Investigations

The Trophy Club Fire Department has specially trained fire and arson investigators who are called to the scene after a fire to determine the origin and cause. Arson investigators are cross trained as police officers and firefighters, and conduct investigations into both criminal and non-criminal fire causes.

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