Outdoor / Severe Weather Warning Sirens

Outdoor Warning System

The Town of Trophy Club's Outdoor Warning System consists of several outdoor warning sirens located throughout the Town that are designed to inform residents who are outside of a possible emergency. The system is not intended to alert those who are within a home or other structure; however, it is possible that you may still be able to hear a siren while indoors depending on your proximity to a siren.  

The sirens may be activated individually for a localized emergency, or they all may be activated simultaneously for a town-wide emergency. The Outdoor Warning Sirens are part of an emergency system designed to provide immediate and valuable information to citizens.

Trophy Club follows the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) guidelines, which are based off Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards, to determine when to activate our outdoor warning system (OWS). 

Sirens will be activated if there is:

  • Reported hail of 1.25 inches in diameter or greater 
  • Smaller diameter hail if there are events where large numbers of people are outdoors
  • Rotation in a dangerous cloud or a tornado
  • Straight-line winds over 70 Miles Per Hour (mph)

The sirens will produce a steady tone signal for three minutes. The sound will have a natural decrease/increase due to the rotation of the siren head.

What to do if sirens are activated

If you hear the sirens while you are outside, please go inside and seek shelter immediately and refer to a television or radio for further instructions. Please do not call 911 for severe weather information. Call 911 only to report life-threatening situations.

Siren Testing

The Outdoor Warning Sirens are silently tested every day to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. Audible tests of the system are performed on the first Wednesday of every month at 1 p.m, weather permitting.

Siren with Dark Clouds