Station Tours

Trophy Club Fire Department is happy to schedule tours of our fire station.  We can also provide truck and equipment displays at events (as schedules permit).

Station and Facility Tours

We would be happy to show you around the fire station and explain how the equipment works. To schedule a tour for your group please call 682.237.2947.  We will design a tour to suit the age range and number of children in your group.  Let us know if you have a particular program
focus, i.e. a scout badge or fire safety at home. Please understand that your tour may be interrupted. Fire Stations remain “in-service” during the tour and the firefighters may need to respond to emergencies. If they do, it will be necessary for the tour to end and your group must
 exit the station. If your tour is interrupted by an emergency call, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule your visit.

Birthday Parties

We are unable to host children’s birthday parties at the fire station. We would be glad to schedule a tour for your birthday child or group, but please make other arrangements for refreshments and gifts.

Walk-ins Are Welcome!

Individual children and parents (no groups) are always welcome to stop by and see the station. Again, there is the possibility that the crew may be on a call or in training when you stop by. But, if they are here, they will be happy to show you around.

Fire Truck Appearances

Fire trucks may be scheduled for appearances for schools, neighborhood associations, block parties, safety fairs, career days and other special events. To schedule, call 682.237.2947.