CPR Classes

CPRCPR Classes

The Fire Department offers three different CPR classes.  Hands Only CPR teaches CPR techniques without the breathing and is a non-certified class. Family and Friends is also a non-certified class that teaches CPR techniques including breathing and use of an AED.  Heart Saver classes are for those that need to be certified for employment. It includes pediatric and adult CPR and use of an AED. At this time, we do not offer Health Industry CPR certification.

Hands Only and Family and Friends classes are ideal for community groups, baby sitters, new parents, grandparents and others interested in learning how to save a life.

We will schedule a class for your group of 5-10 students. The Heart Saver Certification class is $35 per person.

If you are an individual interested in taking a class, please email tknierim@trophyclub.org or call Tracy Knierim at 682.237.2947.  You will be placed on a waiting list and we will schedule a class time when we enough people.