permit-applicationAbout Permitting

A building permit is a license which grants legal permission to start a construction project. Building permits provide a means for the Community Development Department to reduce the potential hazards of unsafe construction, therefore ensuring the public health, safety, and welfare.  Before any construction work begins on a new structure, remodel or renovation project, an application for a building permit should be made.  


The Permit Department reviews all commercial and residential building requests. All permits at this time are to be submitted digitally. We do accept emergency applications at town hall. Certain permits and all inspections can be applied online at and the others will be submitted through email. If you have a questions about the process please email the department. For mechanical inspections please see our guidelines for water heater replacement

At this time we request the below permit types to be submitted (plans and applications) through email to [email protected] :

·New Residential·Patio Structures
·New Commercial·Pools
·Addition·Solar permits

  1. Residential Permits
  2. Commercial Permits