Common Code Violations

High Grass & WeedsSidewalk Surrounded by Tall Grass

Property owners are not to allow grass or weeds to exceed twelve inches in height. Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their lawns mowed to the edge of the roadway. Only one notification per year will be made.


Those in violation who fail to comply with a request to mow are subject to having their property mowed by a Town-hired contractor. The owner of the lot will be billed for the Town's expenses plus the administration fee. If the bill is not paid, interest-bearing liens are placed on the property.

High grass contributes to blight conditions and can draw mice and snakes as well as creating a nuisance. It may also lead to a higher incidence of grass fires.


Signs are regulated. Please email the Code Enforcement Officer or call 682-237-2921 for more information.


Broken Wood FenceZoning regulations require property owners to maintain their fences in a sound condition. Code Enforcement requires owners to remove, repair, or replace fences that have been identified as a code violation. (Removal of a fence is not an option where a pool barrier fence is involved or when zoning regulations specifically require a fence.)

A fence is considered dilapidated if it is missing or contains rotten planks and out-of-plumb by more than one inch per foot. New fences that face the street require a permit (PDF). The posts and rails of a new fence must not be exposed to an adjacent street; in other words, the smooth side of a fence must face an adjacent public street.

Parking of Boats, Trailers & Campers

It shall be unlawful for any person who is a resident of the Town to locate or maintain any truck or commercial motor vehicle with a registered gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or greater, a boat, or a trailer within the Town for more than 2 days per month unless the truck or commercial motor vehicle, boat, or trailer is enclosed in a garage or screened behind a solid fence no greater than 6 feet in height, or 8 feet in height where allowed by Ordinance, and is not visible from a public street. A truck or commercial motor vehicle, boat, or trailer shall be deemed screened behind a solid fence when no portion of the truck, commercial motor vehicle, boat or trailer is visible through the fence from a public street, and no more than 18 inches of such truck, commercial motor vehicle, boat or trailer is visible above the top of the fence from a public street. Garages, fences and screening materials shall be in compliance with all other Town ordinances and regulations.

Swimming Pools/Stagnant Water

The water in all swimming pools with the Town, public or private shall be of sufficient clarity such that the bottom of the swimming pool is visible to the naked eye.

Overnight Parking

It shall be unlawful for any person to stand or park any motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home, motor home or boat along or upon any public highway, street, alley or other public right-of-way located within the Town between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. each day. This prohibition shall not be applicable to any motor vehicle which is being used for emergency purposes, to the operation of any motor vehicle being used by a utility company for repair purposes, or to any governmental vehicle being used for necessary governmental purposes.

Here you can learn more about overnight parking.