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The Town of Trophy Club manages several social media sites on a day-to-day basis.  These social media accounts are a public forum. The Town respects the viewpoint of each and every resident. As such, the Town will err on the side on non-removal of posts on the Town's official social media accounts.  Social media is just one of many ways the town achieves its strategic priority in the area of administrative and financial services by providing strong internal and external marketing and communications for residents and visitors. 


All information submitted for consideration is subject to approval and must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • For-Profit businesses may submit information to be placed on the Facebook event calendar
  • Information must be submitted three business days prior to your posting request date
  • Information received must be non-profit (501 status)/ cannot reflect a monetary gain
  • A request must be submitted for each media posting
  • Town information is the first priority
  • The town, MUD, School, County, Philanthropic/Public Benefit and Community Related Information Only

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Social Media Terms of Use and Policy

Digital Media and Social Networking Sites Terms of Use Policy

The Town of Trophy Club believes resident feedback plays an important role in the governance of our community. Trophy Club’s digital media and social networking sites are open to comments. Trophy Club’s digital media and social networking sites are just a few of the many tools the Town utilizes for information distribution and the receipt of resident feedback. Not every issue facing the Town will necessarily be addressed on the digital media and social networking sites. The Town's goals for these communication tools are to:

  • Reach new audiences with Town messages and information
  • Provide additional channels of input for citizens and other stakeholders
  • Increase the transparency of the Town's decision-making process
  • Facilitate a sense of community

To view the full Town Social Media Policy, CLICK HERE