Tax Information

Ctaxclockurrent information on property taxes, sales and use taxes, TC MUD 1 taxes, County and NISD taxes:

  • Property Tax: Property taxes are the largest revenue source in the General Fund. The Fiscal Year 2022 adopted tax rate is $0.445. The property tax rate is comprised of two components. The first is the operations and maintenance component that is used to calculate revenue for the Town’s General Fund operations. The second component is the debt portion that is used to calculate revenue to pay the Town’s general debt service obligations.

Tax Rates that Impact Trophy Club Residents

Tax Rates (Per $100 Valuation)

Government EntityTax Rate
Denton County$0.224985
MUD Number 1$0.10588
Northwest ISD$1.292
PID Number 1 (Emergency Services) (Denton County)$0.081900
Tarrant County$0.229000
Tarrant County College District$0.130170
Tarrant County Hospital District$0.224429

Taxes - Combined (Per $100 Valuation)

County Information
Tax Rate
MUD Number 1 (Tarrant County)
MUD Number 1 (Denton County)
PID Number 1 (Emergency Services-Denton County)