Tax Information

rrent information on property taxes, sales and use taxes, TC MUD 1 taxes, County and NISD taxes:

  • Property Tax: Property taxes are the largest revenue source in the General Fund. The Fiscal Year 2023 adopted tax rate is $ 0.434799. The property tax rate is comprised of two components. The first is the operations and maintenance component ($ 0.335) that is used to calculate revenue for the Town’s General Fund operations. The second component is the debt portion ($ 0.099799) that is used to calculate revenue to pay the Town’s general debt service obligations.

Tax Rates that Impact Trophy Club Residents

Tax Rates (Per $100 Valuation)

Government EntityTax Rate
Denton County$0.233086
MUD Number 1$0.10588
Northwest ISD$1.292
PID Number 1 (Emergency Services) (Denton County)$0.064120
Tarrant County$0.229000
Tarrant County College District$0.130170
Tarrant County Hospital District$0.224429

Taxes - Combined (Per $100 Valuation)

County Information
Tax Rate
MUD Number 1 (Tarrant County)
MUD Number 1 (Denton County)
PID Number 1 (Emergency Services-Denton County)