TransparencyStars (1)When we talk about transparency in terms of government spending, we are referring to the government opening its books to the public so that taxpayers can see exactly where their money is going. Transparency ensures that your taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently by making all decisions in the open and on the record. Transparency means that citizens can review and question policymakers’ decisions and see the way tax dollars are spent.

The State of Texas Comptroller's Office has the initiative to encourage all municipalities, counties, school districts and special purpose districts to be transparent in their financial operations. This initiative is called the Texas Transparency Stars. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts' Transparency Stars program recognizes local governments for going above and beyond in their transparency efforts.  The program recognizes government entities that accomplish the following:

  • Open their books not only in their traditional finances, but also in the areas of contracts and procurement, economic development, public pensions and debt obligations; and
  • Provide clear and meaningful financial information not only by posting financial documents, but also through summaries, visualizations, downloadable data and other relevant information.

The Town of Trophy Club embraces this philosophy and produces Budgetary Documents, Check Registers and Financial Reports to give you, the taxpayer, the ability to see how your money is being spent.

Monthly Financial Reports

View the Monthly Financial Reports.

Quarterly Investment Reports

See the Quarterly Investment Reports.

Budget Documents

See the Annual Budget Documents.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

View the Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports.

Debt Information

Look at the Official Statement and Notice of Sale and Debt Information (PDF).

Additional Online Information

More Information

Under the Texas Public Information Act, individuals have the right to request, in writing, official Town documents through an Open Records Request. Note: certain exceptions may apply to the disclosure of the information.

You may contact The Town of Trophy Club at the following address:
Town of Trophy Club
1 Trophy Wood Drive
Trophy Club, TX 76262
Main: 682-237-2900
Fax: 682-237-2996