budget2The Town of Trophy Club uses a program-based budgeting process. Each budgeting unit or division is given a target or “baseline” funding level based on the previous year’s funding level. With a few exceptions, no capital assets, wages, benefits, or one-time packages are included in baseline funding. Any funding request representing new expenditures and programs or excess of baseline funding must be submitted as a supplemental request. These supplemental requests may be new equipment, personnel, or service level increases.


FY23 Aproved Budget Document Pages Opens in new windowWe are pleased to share this year's Approved FY 2023 Budget. The FY 23 Budget is a collective effort from all departments to meet the clear vision for the community as laid out by Town Council and our citizens.

This year’s budget focuses on addressing safety needs through funding additional firefighter and police officer personnel and cyber security features to keep private information safe.  It improves the services provided to our citizens by improving their experience at our Community Pool Complex, improving efficiencies within town services, and recruiting and maintaining an exceptional staff that puts service before self.  

The proposed budget accomplishes all this while bringing tax relief to our citizens through a tax rate reduction. 

Additional Budgets from previous fiscal years can be found at Town Online Records.