Cooking Safety Reminders This Holiday Season

Posted by Jill Lind on Nov 20, 2018

With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be spending more time in the kitchen cooking for our family and friend gatherings. Trophy Club Fire Department hopes that everyone has a wonderful, and safe holiday season.

In 2012-2016, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 172,100 home structure fires that involved cooking equipment per year. These fires caused an average of 530 civilian fire deaths, 5,270 civilian fire injuries, and $1.1 billion in direct property damage. Listed below is some information on how to do just that.

• Unattended cooking was by far the leading factor in cooking fires and fire deaths.

• Cooking equipment was involved in almost half of all reported home fire injuries, and it is the second leading cause of home fire deaths.

• Be sure to stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stovetop. Keep an eye on food to avoid potential fires. 

• Paper towels, dish towels, and food packaging near the stove are fire hazards and can be easily overlooked. Keep an eye out!

• Keep the floor clear of clutter, like toys, purses, and bags. Be mindful of rugs, too!

• If you have a fire on the stove, use an ABC Fire Extinguisher, or carefully slide a lid or a metal cookie sheet over the flames. This eliminates oxygen that is fueling the fire. (Shown in the video here.) Be sure to turn off the stove, and keep the lid on.

• If there is a fire in your oven, keep the door closed. This will eliminate oxygen that is fueling the fire. Be sure to turn the oven off. 

• If you have any doubt about fighting a small kitchen fire, evacuate the home immediately and then call 911. 

• Check your smoke detectors and batteries! Working smoke detectors save lives. 

• Have a 3-foot kid-free zone around the stove.

• Be sure electric cords to kitchen equipment are not hanging over the counter; these are easy for kids to pull down.

• Have holiday activities that keep kids outside of the kitchen. 

Additional Information can be found here:

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