Citizens on Patrol Academy is BACK

Posted by Jill Lind on Nov 13, 2018

The Trophy Club Police Department is excited to invite you to participate in the Citizens On Patrol Academy.

Saturday, December 01, 2018 — 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Trophy Club Citizens on Patrol consists of volunteers who have completed the Citizen’s Police Academy as well as additional training to prepare them to drive a Town vehicle, observing and reporting on suspicious activity.

Our Citizens on Patrol have found major water leaks as well as suspicious persons. Their activities have resulted in several arrests and have increased the number of close patrols on homes in town.

The Citizens on Patrol are NOT police officers and do NOT act as if they were. They are unarmed observers serving as additional eyes and ears for the PD. Like the Neighborhood Watch participants, they are trained to observe and report, not to intervene in incidents.

As part of our Citizens Corps initiative, the Citizens on Patrol, called Volunteers in Police Service in some jurisdictions, also provide traffic direction for special events, transport police vehicles to repair shops, provide volunteer service in administrative capacities, and enhance the safety and security of our Town.

The Citizens On Patrol (COP) Academy is 8 hours of training that will cover patrol, observation skills (what is suspicious and what isn’t.).  Traffic control and vehicle placement.  Court testimony (you will become trained observers.), legal liability, radio usage.   Learn about the Town and the geography, where everything is at and what to pay attention to at different times. Citizen volunteers who fall under the Volunteers in Policing federal program.  Work under the direction of the Police Department after completing training.

Some duties would include;

  • Patrol of Town; provide eyes and ears only, no intervention.
  • Traffic control for events and assist officers with traffic accidents.
  • Assist police personnel with projects and programs.
  • Help relieve the front desk admin assistant.
  • Assist the Police Department in the field with special events.
  • Assist the Police Department with moving vehicles around for maintenance.

To attend the class there will be a required background check done on each student.  The initial paperwork must be completed before Tuesday the 27th of November.  For questions or to sign up, call Officer Scott Voigt at 682.237.2968  or  Sign up by submitting this on-line form.