Homecoming Parade 2018!

Posted by Jill Lind on Sep 17, 2018

Don’t let the Homecoming Parade sneak
up on you!

Plan ahead so that you don’t get stuck in traffic. The BNHS Homecoming Parade is on Wednesday, September 26th at 6:15 pm.

Staging for the Community Parade begins at Medlin Middle School at 5:00 pm and parade floats are scheduled to depart Medlin at 6:15 pm. The Trophy Club Police Department places pedestrian safety as the first priority. Traffic will be closed or re-routed at 6:15 pm on Wednesday, September 26th***** PLEASE NOTE: THE CLOSURE LOCATIONS HAVE BEEN SLIGHTLY CHANGED THIS YEAR.  THERE WILL NOT BE ACCESS ON GALLOWAY AS IN YEARS PAST.  THIS IS FOR SAFETY PURPOSES! ***** Please see the map below and plan accordingly. Police will open intersections and roadways once the parade has moved past any given point along the route. Road closures ensure the safety of children, parade participants, pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrians will be allowed to gather on the median on Trophy Club Drive.

Emergency services will remain available to those areas impacted by the parade. Parade observers should be alert and respond accordingly should an ambulance or fire truck need access to the parade area during the event. That means being watchful and protective of children in and around the street.