DFW Airport - Improvement to Runway

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Jun 01, 2017
Tags: Community, Denton County

If you think you’ve heard a little extra air traffic over the past few weeks, you’re not going crazy — you did hear additional airplanes coming and going. Airplanes were diverted to specific runways so that the airport could make improvements. TC may have been in the flight path that was more heavily utilized while the improvements were being made.

DFW Airport was making some improvements to the runway by installing an “in-pavement lighting system that works similar to a traffic light which provides a visual signal to pilots and vehicle operators of when it is unsafe to enter/cross or begin takeoff on the runway. The system aims to improve aircrew and vehicle operator situational awareness through accurate and timely indication of runway usage.  For further information, please see the link to the FAA’s website.” According to officials at the airport, the project will be complete on Friday, June 2, 2017.

Next time you’re flying in/out of DFW, take a peek out the window at the cool, new runway lighting system!

Source for article: MySouthlakeNews.com