Properly Bundle/Bag Tree Limbs & Small Brush

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Mar 29, 2017
Tags: Community, Town News, Trash & Recycling

Trophy Club, we had quite a storm blow through town this week. You may be wondering how to dispose of the limbs and brush that the wind dropped in your yard. Republic Services requires that residents bundle limbs into 4-foot sections weighing no more that 50 pounds. Bundles must be securely tied and placed at the curb on scheduled “trash” days - Tuesdays and Fridays.

Due to the storm, there may be a large number of residents who have bundled limbs for pick-up on Friday. Please be patient as the increased volume may create delays for Republic Services. 

If you have specific questions about brush & bulk collection, contact Republic Services at 817.332.7301.

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