School Zone Change

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Nov 16, 2016
Tags: BNHS, Community, Public Safety, Schools, TCPD, Town News

The Town is making changes to the school zones near the roundabout while the kids are out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday. Essentially, there will now be one continuous school zone that encompasses the roundabout — as seen on the attached map.

The extended school zone will help keep TC residents safe, as well as reduce confusion for drivers in regards to where school zones in that area begin and end.

Another helpful change for drivers is that all school zone flashers in Trophy Club will operate during the same time frame —  7:00 am - 9:30am and 2:00 pm - 5pm. This time frame is necessary now that there are multiple schools with varying start/release times in one school zone.

If you have specific questions about the project, contact Ed Helton.