Town Staff - a couple of new faces on the team

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Nov 08, 2016
Tags: Town News, Community

The Town has a couple of new faces on staff and we want you to meet them!

Kelly Darling, Recreation Coordinator, 682.831.4675: graduated from UNT with a degree in Recreation, Event, and Sports Management and has experience as the Summer Camp Director with the City of Highland Village. Kelly played a little bit of college basketball at the University of Dallas and loves outdoor activities, watching movies (especially Marvel movies) and rooting for the Dallas Stars and Seattle Seahawks.

As the Recreation Coordinator, Kelly will assist with planning events and programs, coordinate Summer Adventure Camp and help with various sports leagues. You’ll see Kelly at all of the Parks & Recreation events, so give her a warm welcome when you see her! Or, feel free to surprise her with a random high-five!

Lisa Reich, Town Planner, 682.831.4681: graduated with an Urban Planning degree from Texas State University and has been in the Planning field for 10 years. She has worked in both the public and private sectors and has spent the last five years working in Planning, Building Safety, and Code Enforcement at the Town of Little Elm.

For all of our residents who are “cat people”, Lisa has two Maine Coon cats. TC “dog people” will enjoy knowing that she also has a Border Collie. Another cool fact, she loves fun socks! You’ll see Lisa at Town Council meetings from time to time, so take a minute to say “hello” when you see her! And, always feel welcome to give her a call and tell her, “great job, Lisa!”

Lisa very strategically stood in front of a map of the town for her photo. Makes perfect sense coming from our new Town Planner!