School Bus Protocol - when to stop for loading/unloading

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Nov 03, 2016
Tags: BNHS, Community, Public Safety, Schools, TCPD, Town News

When do you need to stop for a school bus loading/unloading students?  The short answer — it depends. The fine for Failure To Stop ranges from $200 — $1000 for the first offense. Help keep TC kids safe by knowing when you need to stop.

This one is pretty straight-forward.

  • If there are no medians separating a roadway, then all traffic must stop when a school bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing. You may not pass in either direction. 

These two scenarios can be a little confusing, so we’ve included pictures.

  • If there is a solid median (barrier that does not allow you to drive through or on) between you and the bus then the traffic behind the bus must stop, but the traffic traveling the opposite direction may continue (please slow down and be cautious as you pass).  PICTURE B
  • If there is a solid median, but there is a break in the median for a turning lane or an intersection and the bus is stopped within the area of that break, then all traffic must stop just as if there was no median present before and after the bus.  PICTURE A