Trophy Club Park - motocross tracks re-opening 8.6.16

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Aug 05, 2016
Tags: Community, Recreation, Parks, Town News, Trophy Club Park

Trophy Club Park will be re-opening portions of the motocross area this weekend.  Residents living near the park will hear the familiar buzz of families having fun on their motocross bikes.  

A brief history as to why the motocross area has been closed:  TC received a large amount of rain over the past year and a half.  All of this rain caused flooding of Lake Grapevine that closed the motocross tracks.  The lake level is low enough now that staff has been able to groom the motocross tracks and re-open the area.

Trophy Club Park also offers fishing, disc golf, nature trails, horse trails and a pavilion.  Check out the park’s web page for all of the cool details on this hidden gem in Trophy Club!

Questions about the motocross area or Trophy Club Park?  Jacob Lohse, 682.831.4693