Pokemon Go in TC

Posted by Jacob Lohse on Aug 03, 2016
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Have you jumped on the Pokemon bandwagon yet? Pokemon Go is a brand new app where players visit various locations to collect Pokemon, battle at virtual gyms, and collect in-game items. Trophy Club Parks and Recreation has identified ALL of the Pokestops in Trophy Club. Below is a list where we rank the best parks to catch Pokemon.

  • Trophy Club Park — TCP has by far the most Pokestops compared to other parks. Entrance to the park is FREE as long as you are walking or on a bike. TCP has 7 Pokestops and 2 Gyms.
  • Independence Park/Community Pool — Come cool off at the Community Pool while visiting 4 Pokestops and 3 gyms. There are also a few Pokestops just outside these areas.
  • Harmony Park — Although there is only (1) Pokestop at Harmony Park, there are still many Pokestops in the area. Visit the Skyline Trailhead at Trophy Club Park and you will find 3 Pokestops along the Nature Trails.
  • Freedom Dog Park — Bring out your dog(s) and battle other players at the Gym located at the entrance of the dog park.

Pokemon Tips and Tricks

  1. Watch your surroundings. Be aware who is around you besides Pokemon.
  2. Bring water. Pokemon is a game that involves alot of walking. Be sure to bring plenty of water even if you are hunting at night!
  3. Parents: Limit places kids can go. Set boundaries to avoid stranger danger for kids unattended.
  4. Don’t Pokemon Go and drive. 
  5. Don’t trespass. People might call the police if you enter private property. Even Pokemon can’t save you there!
  6. Remember to follow rules in public places. Keep in mind that all parks are closed between 10 pm to 7 am. It is also a crime to enter or remain in a town cemetery at any time after dark. 
  7. Have FUN!

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