Trash & Recycling - helpful info to remember

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Jul 19, 2016
Tags: Public Health, Trash & Recycling, Community

Trophy Club’s trash & recycle service provider is Republic Services.  They work hard to keep our community clean and provide the best service possible to TC residents.  Anytime you have an issue with trash or recycle collection, Republic Services (817.332.7301) is happy to take your call!  Please reach out to them as your trash & recycle concerns arise.  If Republic Services is unable to assist you, give Code Enforcement a call so that we may look into your concerns as well, 682.831.4659.


  • To report problems with trash or recycle collection, please contact Republic Services directly at 817.332.7301.
  • Scheduled trash collection is on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Residential waste must be set out no earlier than 7:00 p.m.
  • Trash placed inside a container must be bagged (no loose garbage in a bin), trash bag weight cannot exceed 50 pounds each and the container cannot be larger than 50 gallons or Republic will not pick up the refuse.
  • Brush and Bulk waste will be collected on normal trash days. Brush waste needs to be bundled into 4-foot sections that weigh no more than 50 pounds. Contact Republic Services at 817.332.7301 if you have questions about your brush/bulk items.
  • Trucks are out on trash days from 7am - 8pm. There may be days that your trash is collected later in the day.


  • Pick up your recycle bin at the Public Services Building at 1 Trophy Wood Drive.  Step inside the door and take as many bins as you need.
  • Discard old bins by leaving them at your curb with a note to “TAKE BIN”
  • Recycle on WINDY DAYS - Please place recycle bin lid or heavier weight recyclable material on top of your recyclables to help keep recyclables in the bin.
  • Recycle on RAINY DAYS - Recyclables become contaminated (and must be thrown in the trash) if they get wet, so please use the recycle bin lid if rain is in the forecast.


Thad Johnson, Trophy Club Permit Tech 682.237.2917
Contact Thad if Republic Services is unavailable or unable to assist you.  
(Thad is also the Town’s “mosquito man” if you have questions regarding mosquitoes.)