Freedom Dog Park - NO plastic pools

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Jul 19, 2016
Tags: Animals, Community, Recreation, Parks, Town News

Ready for a summertime game of catch with your favorite four-legged friend? Not so fast. If you're feeling the heat, you can bet your dog is, too. And for him, overheating can be dangerous.  Here's how to keep your dog cool and healthy all summer long, and get in a few games of outdoor catch with him while you're at it!

NOTE: Please do not take plastic pools to Freedom Dog Park.  Pools of water might be refreshing to dogs, but can be a safety issue to humans (colorful, plastic pools are enticing to kiddos).  Excess water can also create issues for the turf.  Town staff will remove pools left at the dog park.  Each side of the dog park has independent water spigots with hoses attached and small bowls for water.

Freedom Dog Park questions: