First Annual FIRE CAMP - a huge success!

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Jul 07, 2016
Tags: TCFD, Schools, Community

Article submitted by Fire Fighter Brian Peters

What an amazing experience it was for the Byron Nelson H.S. Fire Camp! The 1st annual 2016 Fire Camp was held during the week of June 27 at the Trophy Club fire station and had 11 participants. The week began with an inside look at all the apparatus and equipment the firefighters and paramedics use. The students learned about all the different types of fire extinguishers and how to properly use them.

On the second day, the students learned all about the bunker gear and breathing apparatus the firefighters use. Once the students were educated on how to properly don the gear, their skills were tested in a man-made maze with a blackout mask to simulate a smoke-filled environment. This is where it got real fun! The students were run through the maze one at a time, following a fire hose line. Once they were finished, they had to use their teamwork abilities to help the others make it through the maze. These words don’t do justice, but the way the students came together and coached each other on was priceless!

On day three, the students learned how to do CPR and were able to acquire their certification in the process. An air medical helicopter from PHI landed at the Trophy Club clock tower later in the day and the students got an up-close and personal tour of the aircraft.

Day four was a blast because the students got to pound on an old, beat up, wrecked car. The firefighters rolled out the “cool tools”, as they call them, and taught the students how to extricate a victim from a vehicle using the “Jaws of Life” and other tools of the trade. They were fortunate this day that Mr. Restore donated two cases of water and one case of Gatorade. The day was wrapped up by learning about the different types of rescue ropes used in the fire service and how to tie knots for different situations.

Finally, on day five a private charter bus transported the students to the Tarrant County College Fire Academy located at the northwest campus. The students got an inside look at the training facility and even got to see a little fire action! A few of the students who are interested in a career in the fire service had the opportunity to ask important questions about how to apply for the fire academy and what their next steps should be. After arriving back at the fire station, each student was presented with a certificate of completion and awarded with a pizza party.

Thank you to all the students who participated. It was a very successful fire camp and the Trophy Club Fire Department can’t wait for next year’s camp. Please stay tuned after the first of the year for next year’s fire camp dates.