Spring Cleaning Disposal Tips & Code Compliance Reminders

Posted by April Reiling on Mar 28, 2016
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The Spring season has arrived, and for many that means it’s time for a good spring cleaning and general home maintenance projects. Spring also marks the time of year when vegetation growth picks up, which can create issues with safety, rodents and unsightliness.

The Town of Trophy Club has compiled some spring cleaning tips, as well as a few reminders regarding code compliance, to assist residents with springtime cleaning activities.

Household Trash & Recycling:

  • Residents are allowed two options for trash collection
    • Trash collected in bags that are carried directly to the curb or
    • Trash collected in bags and placed inside a container
      • Trash placed inside a container must be bagged (no loose garbage in a bin)
      • Trash bag weight cannot exceed 50 pounds each and
      • Container cannot be larger than 50 gallons
  • Brush and Bulk waste will be collected on normal trash days (fence panels, tree limbs and brush)
    • Must be trimmed and bundled
    • Max length bundled into 4-foot sections
    • Max weight 50 pounds per bundle
  • Household Furniture and appliances — Call Republic Services to request a bulky item pick up: 817-332-7301
  • Each spring and fall the Town holds a Community Clean Up event where residents can dispose of unwanted waste that is not appropriate for regular trash pick up. Services include:
    • electronics recycling
    • document shredding
    • dumpsters for large items
    • Crud Cruiser for hazardous household waste
  • Can’t attend the Community Clean Up events? Residents are welcome to use the Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center (bring proof of residency)
  • Place all recyclables into blue, 18-gallon recycle bins; no presorting, bagging or bundling is necessary. Recycling bins and lids are available for Trophy Club residents at the Permitting Office in the Public Works Building (100 Municipal Dr).  
    • Acceptable recyclable materials:
      • Paper, newspaper, magazines, telephone books and junk mail
      • Aluminum cans
      • All colors of glass
      • Cardboard and cereal boxes
      • Plastic bottles and containers labeled 1,2,3,4,5 and 7
      • Tin and metal cans
    • Unacceptable recyclable materials:
      • Plastic Bags including Grocery Bags
      • Styrofoam
      • Aluminum Foil
      • Car Tires
      • Yard Waste
      • Disposable Diapers
      • Waxed Cartons
      • Kitchen Waste
      • Wood
      • Plate Glass
      • Ceramic
      • Mirrors
      • Bubble Wrap
      • Paper and cardboard products that are wet or contaminated with food waste
    • Recycling Notes:
      • Overflow - If you typically have overflow, please stop by the Permitting Desk for an additional recycle bin.
      • Windy Days - Please place recycle bin lid or heavier weight recyclable material on top of your recyclables to help keep recyclables in the bin.
      • Rainy Days - Recyclables become contaminated (and must be thrown in the trash) if they get wet, so please use the recycle bin lid if rain is forecast.

Need Help? - Call Allied Waste/Republic Services at 817-332-7301, or Code Enforcement at 682-831-4681.

Common code compliance violations:

  • Weed and grass may not be over 12” tall
  • Lawns must be properly maintained (trimming and edging)
  • Pools must be clear enough to see the bottom
  • May not drain any pool filter backwash containing Diatomaceous Earth into the storm drain
  • Trailers and RV’s allowed in driveway two days a month
  • Fences must be in good repair
  • No outdoor storage of accessories (trash cans, lawn mowers, ladders, etc)
  • Earliest trash and recycling may be out is 7:00 pm the night before pick-up

Reminder: Mosquitoes can breed in any stagnant water around the property (birdbaths, meter boxes, clogged gutters). Drain any pooling water areas where mosquitoes might breed.