PD-30 Proposed Amendments Scheduled to go Before P&Z and Town Council at End of March

Posted by April Reiling on Mar 19, 2016
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Update (March 30, 2016) --- Last night the Town Council considered the proposed PD-30 amendments, as well as P&Z recommendations brought forward from the March 24th meeting. After negotiating with the development team on a variety of topics, the Town Council voted 6-1 to approve the PD-30 amendments with P&Z’s recommendations and several conditions, including:

  • required a minimum of two enhanced paving features (wide speed bumps) to be installed on the roadway in front of the hotel at intersecting roads in order to slow traffic
  • three-story, brownstone style rowhouses allowed a maximum of six balconies at two locations for a total of 12 balconies facing Trophy Club Drive
  • prior to issuance of building permits for townhomes, removable bollards must be installed at the end of the road bisecting townhomes toward Indian Creek (the roundabout-looking feature), with bollards spaced appropriately to allow for golf carts
  • added specification that townhomes be ‘staggered’
  • added a section regarding the stormwater detention area to require that wrought iron fencing around the area be screened with a living screen with a minimum height of 42 inches excluding access gates
  • modified the ‘limited-service hotel’ definition to be a minimum of 150 rooms with fewer rooms allowed through Special Use Permit (SUP)

The hotel SUP was also approved by a vote of 6-1 as recommended by P&Z.

View the March 29th Town Council meeting for the full discussion.

Update (March 29, 2016) --- The Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) considered the proposed PD-30 amendments at their March 24th meeting. P&Z voted 4-3 to approve the requested amendments and hotel Specific Use Permit (SUP) with conditions. View the red line documents below to peruse the ordinance drafts with changes recommended by P&Z:

Town Council will consider the proposed amendments Tuesday, March 29th at 7:00 p.m. and, as always, the public is invited and welcome to provide input.

On March 9, 2016, JSB Properties submitted an application to amend the approved Planned Development 30 (PD-30) document for the 26.354 acre property located at SH 114 and Trophy Club Drive. The application requests amendments for specific sections of the PD-30 document, which are outlined in the Application for PD 30 Modifications and Preliminary Site Plan. Recently, the land owner has developed construction plans that align with the previously approved zoning, and since apartments have been the primary concern for residents, the Town sat down with the land owner to negotiate modifications that could enhance the quality of the development.

Given their rights as property owners, the Town is obligated by law to review the new proposal and follow proper procedures in the evaluation and consideration of the requested changes. The Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) will consider the request on March 24th and Town Council will examine the proposed amendments on March 29th at a Special Called Meeting. A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote on the proposed amendments will not impact the land owners’ ability to begin construction under the previously approved planned development as amended in March 2014. The Town Council, P&Z and Town Staff will work diligently to help make this development the best it can be for the community.

Proposed amendments include:

  • Reducing total number of apartment units by 33, from 283 to 250.
  • Reducing final apartment height to four stories or 58 feet, from four/five stories, or 60/70 feet.
  • Removing efficiency units (600 sq ft); now average apartment unit size at 1,000 sq ft.
  • Removing first floor retail ready, which allows for a lower building height.
  • Adding rowhouse apartment units resembling brownstones along Trophy Club Drive that can be three-story tall with walk-up front doors.
  • Parking garage areas facing exterior would be of the same architecture and masonry products used on adjacent building to enhance visual aesthetics.
  • Reconfiguring the retail to the front of the development and replacing the 100,000 sq ft strip center style retail with clustered retail/restaurant to provide more amenities, open space and walkability.
  • Enhancing owner-occupied townhome layout with nine additional units.
  • Adding features to provide Council flexibility on hotel uses.

View a FAQ regarding the proposed amendments.

The PD-30 document was originally approved in January 2012 and amended in March 2014.

Check back here to receive the latest updates regarding the proposed amendments as they move through P&Z and Council. Town Council meeting videos are published on the Town’s YouTube channel and the P&Z audio files are published on the Town’s SoundCloud playlists.