10 Ways to Get Heart Healthy in Trophy Club

Posted by April Reiling on Feb 09, 2016
Tags: Community, Town News, Recreation, Public Health, Trophy Club Park

February is American Heart month and to help kick it off we have 10 ways our parks and programs can improve your family's heart health.

For more information on Trophy Club parks, please visit www.tcparksandrec.org.

1. Visit Freedom Dog Park

Let your dog off the leash and walk some laps around Freedom Dog Park. Walking just 3 laps along the fence line on the large dog side equals 1 mile!

2. Attend a Hip Hop Dance Class

Get your kids active by registering them for a Hip Hop dance class! If your kid’s aren’t interested in Hip Hop dance, be sure to check out our other dance classes and Art classes at tcparks.org.

3. Hike Trophy Club Park’s Nature Trails

The Blue Heron trail is over 2.5 miles long and leads you all the way to Southlake’s trail system.

4. Drop Off the Kids at Parent’s Night Out

Enjoy a night out with your significant other while your kids enjoy heart-healthy dancing and fun activities. Cat in the Hat is the theme for the first event!

5. Join the Adult Co-Ed Kickball League

Join or start your own kickball team to ensure you at least get one night of exercise each week. Our adult league is a fun way to mingle with friends across the community.

6. Go For a Run at Harmony Park

Harmony Park offers a 1.8 mile concrete trail that circles the park. The park also offers a variety of warm-up stations designed for arm and leg workouts.

7. Play Recreational Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball has many health benefits that include social interaction, light activity, and friendly competition. Join our Bocce Ball league and compete with friends.

8. Shoot Some Hoops at Independence Park

Independence Park also offers tennis courts, shuffleboard, and a small playground.

9. Visit the Dino Playground at Freedom Park

Get those little ones active at this brand new playground. The Dino park was specifically built for toddlers!

10. Take a Walk on the Linear Park Trails

These concrete trails are located behind Byron Nelson High School and Trophy Club Park. The trails offer a beautiful walk around ponds and nature.