Dog Park Etiquette

Posted by April Reiling on Dec 15, 2015
Tags: Animals, Community, Parks, Public Safety, Recreation

Contributed by Susan Edstrom

Etiquette at a dog park?  Yes!

If everyone takes some simple steps, going to the park can be a good experience for all.  We also have a toddler park very close to the dog park and it’s not only ensuring the safety of our dogs but also little ones who are nearby. Know the rules and follow them!  Simple, right? 

Rules are established to help ensure the safety of everyone who attends. 

Freedom Dog Park Rules

In addition to the rules, below there are some tips to keep you and your dog safe and your trip to the dog park enjoyable.

  • If you’ve never been to a dog park, read up on it.  It will make the experience better for everyone. 
  • If your fur friend is new to your family, your first visits should be during off peak hours, giving you the opportunity to observe their behavior.
  • Be observant. Pay attention to your dog and his or her signals that they are uncomfortable OR is their behavior making another dog uncomfortable. Are ears up or down? Hair raised or tail wagging. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t risk being accidentally taken down by dogs playing!
  • Be respectful of the large dog and small dog parks and keep your dog in the appropriate area. Have both a large and a small dog?  If necessary, take separate trips or bring a friend or family member with you. 

So leash them up and have fun!

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