Seeking Volunteers to Serve on Animal Shelter Advisory Board and Building Standards Commission

Posted by April Reiling on Feb 26, 2016
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The Trophy Club Town Council is seeking residents who are willing to spend a few hours a month to serve their community.

Now Accepting Applications

Animal Shelter Advisory Board

The Animal Shelter Advisory Board is charged with working with staff to set standards for the town's animal shelter and the care of animals, and to provide periodic reports to the Texas Department of Health.

The board consists of five people who shall serve for a period of one year. The terms of office commence on October 1 of each year and board appointments will occur in accordance with the town’s annual appointment process for all town boards, commissions and corporations. The advisory board must meet at least three times annually and must be comprised of at least one (1) licensed veterinarian, one (1) county or municipal official, one (1) person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter, one (1) representative from an animal welfare organization, and one (1) resident of the Town.

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews all applications for development within the Town for compliance with zoning ordinances and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The Commission makes recommendations of approval or denial of development proposals to the Town Council. Town ordinances relevant to Planning and Zoning actions are regularly reviewed and/or revised as appropriate.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Thursday of each month, in the Svore Municipal Building Boardroom located at 100 Municipal Drive.

Building Standards Commission

The Building Standards Commission hears and determines cases concerning alleged violations of Ordinances regulating buildings and structures.  The Commission is tasked with determining whether buildings and structures within the Town meet minimum building, fire, floodplain, and related code requirements.  The Commission also orders appropriate remedial actions, has the authority to impose civil penalties as allowed by law, and provides review of administrative decisions in addition to other functions authorized by the ordinance.

The Commission Consists of five (5) regular members appointed by the Town Council and up to eight (8) alternate members. Cases must be heard by at least four (4) members, either regular or alternate. To the extent possible members of the Commission should be qualified in one (1) or more of the fields of fire prevention, building construction, sanitation, plumbing, electricity, mechanical systems, engineering, architecture or public health. Members serve two year, staggered terms. Commission meetings are held as necessary.

If interested, please complete a general Boards & Commission Application and return to Town Secretary Holly Fimbres. These forms may also be obtained at the Svore Municipal Building located at 100 Municipal Drive, or e-mailed, faxed or mailed to you. Inquiries or questions should be directed to Holly Fimbres, Town Secretary at 682-831-4605 or

Applicants for Boards, Commissions, or Corporations must be registered voters prior to their appointment and must also be Trophy Club residents for at least six (6) months prior to their appointment. Based upon good cause shown, Council may waive the voter registration and/or length of residency requirement for a person appointed to a Board, Commission, or Corporation. Neither elected officials, nor persons appointed to fill vacancies on any elected governmental body may serve on a Town Board, Commission, or Corporation. The technical expertise of applicants shall be a consideration in gaining appointment.

The Town Council is the appointing authority for all applicants to positions on the various boards and commissions. Anyone interested in serving on a board or commission must first fill out the Town’s boards and commission application and then will be interviewed for possible appointment.

If a member of a Board, Commission, or Corporation fail to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings without being excused by the Board, Commission, or Corporation, that member’s office may be declared forfeited by that Board, Commission, or Corporation. A member who is unable to attend a meeting shall notify the Staff Liaison of his/her inability to attend the meeting and shall provide an explanation of the conflict or other reason that prevents his/her attendance.