Parking Now Allowed on Portion of Parkview, No U-Turns During School Hours

Posted by April Reiling on Aug 13, 2015
Tags: Community, Government, Town News, TCPD, Schools, Public Safety

The Trophy Club Town Council has amended the Public Safety ordinance to address parking and safety issues on Parkview and Park Lane during school hours. Drivers will now be able to park on the east and west sides Parkview Drive, from Durango to Park Lane, during school hours in order to alleviate parking on Park Lane. Additionally, u-turns are now prohibited along Parkview Drive between Park Lane and the entrance to the Community Pool parking lot during posted school hours.

The Trophy Club Police Department has received numerous inquiries from residents regarding the school hour parking on Park Lane, which blocks both sides of the street. Cars parked on both sides of the street not only make it difficult to traverse, but also presents a safety hazard due to limited vision for vehicles traveling on Park Lane and individuals walking across the street.