New Canine Program Approved by Council; Help Choose The Name!

Posted by April Reiling on Jul 21, 2015
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Update (August 17, 2015) --- Thank you to everyone who participated in the K9 naming contest! There were 471 votes for the final name and the breakdown is:

Hogan = 137 votes
Indy = 174 votes
TC = 160 votes

The new TCPD K9 will be named Indy! Congratulations to April Reiling and Erin Myers for coming up with the final name. When the dog arrives we will host a badge ceremony and meet-and-greet for the community. More to come!

Choose the New K9’s Final Name <<< Click the link to take the survey

Update (August 4, 2015) --- Chief of Police Patrick Arata reviewed the K9 name submissions from the survey, blog comments and Facebook, and narrowed down the list to three final names for the community to choose from: Hogan, Indy and TC. These names were submitted multiple times and all relate to Trophy Club in some way. Please select your favorite by August 13th, and we will publish the final K9 name the following week.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a name for the K9! We received some very creative, thoughtful submissions and appreciate your input in this process! 

On Tuesday, July 14th the Town Council unanimously approved $25,000 to fund the start of a new Trophy Club Police Department K9 program. Chief of Police Patrick Arata expressed the need for a dual purpose service dog to help with drug detection and tracking. The police dog will also be available to assist the Northwest ISD and make regular visits to the schools in town. 

“We researched the various advantages of creating a K9 Program, as well as what types of dogs would be the best choice for Trophy Club,” said Police Chief Patrick Arata. “The multi-trained / multi- purpose dog provides more benefits for the town and will make a great ambassador between the department and community.”

The full grown, pre-trained K9 will be handpicked by TCPD’s canine officer and purchased from Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana. The officer will meet many dogs and select a canine based on the dogs behavior, character, bond with the handler and other considerations. Once selected, the handler and dog will have a few days to bond before beginning the six week training program. The TCPD canine handler will head to Indiana in early September to begin the process.

The K9 program is anticipated to officially begin mid to late October.

Help choose a name for the new police K9! <<<Submission deadline lapsed 

Submit a suggestion for the new K9’s name, and why you think that name is appropriate, by July 30th. A selection committee will narrow down the names submitted and post the finalists for community vote. The person who selected the winning name will be part of the K9’s swearing in ceremony, including pinning the badge.