2014 Citizen of the Year Nominees & Recipients - Congratulations and Thank You For All That You Do!

Posted by April Reiling on Apr 29, 2015
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On Tuesday, April 28th, the Town Council, Staff and Guests recognized six, 2014 Trophy Club Citizen of the Year (COY) Nominees, inlcuding three adults and three youths. These residents were nominated by fellow residents, teachers and peers in recognition of all the wonderful things the volunteers do for the community and local organizations.

Congratulations to the following Trophy Club residents:

2014 COY Nominees

Adult Youth
Matt Tibbitts Samantha Ellis
Lizette Cortes Laura Miley
Mindi Bone Brandon Michaelis

A committee of past COY recipients evaluated the nominees and selected Mindi Bone as the Adult COY Recipient and Brandon Michaelis as the Youth COY Recipient.


Mindi Bone – 2014 Recipient --- Resident for almost 3 years

Mindi is very concerned about the Town and the people in it, as well as its future. She donates a lot of her time trying to improve things in town. After visiting the TCPD building, she felt that it was not the best place for our officers to work and has made it her mission to help get a new Police Department.

She has a great relationship with every member on the town council. Mindi attended a council meeting when school started and didn’t leave until every council member joined or said they would join the PTA.

Mindi attended another council meeting and helped a citizen of Trophy Club get an ordinance changed to allow for a sno cone stand in Trophy Club. She didn’t have to do this; she willingly gave up her time to help a resident.

She is also very involved with Beck Elementary regarding safety issues with children and even helped jump-start a community-wide discussion about crosswalk safety, which subsequently helped bring about the crosswalk enhancements currently being installed today to help pedestrians and bicyclists safely cross busy roadways in town.

Mindi goes out of her way for the citizens of Trophy Club, including when a neighbor had a scheduling conflict and needed someone to pick up their daughter from dance class. Mindi readily volunteered and drove all the way to Grapevine, and when thanked profusely she said, “That’s what we do. We help each other out.”

Mindi is currently planning safety week at Beck Elementary. She is coordinating with the TCPD about their involvement and is planning an assembly for the kids at school, as well as a parent meeting  one evening. Instead of Red Ribbon Week she is calling it Blue Ribbon Week.

Matt Tibbitts – 2014 Nominee --- Resident for over 9 years (Matt was nominated by several individuals)

Matt has served Trophy Club and the surrounding community by holding various positions on the board of directors for the volunteer organization, Greater Northwest Soccer Association. Currently, he serves as the President of the organization and has put in countless volunteer hours working to ensure that the program benefits the Trophy Club residents and surrounding cities. His efforts have improved the organization as a whole, including the fields of play for the players and making sure that anyone interested in soccer is able to play whether they can afford it or not. Without Matt's leadership the organization would be unable to provide scholarships to those in need and assist players with a great foundation for the love of the game and teamwork.

Trophy Club youth soccer players are benefactors to his hard work and get to take advantage of having organized soccer due to his hard work and diligence. Matt pays attention to the details and attends countless meetings with other associations, schools and groups, all to further the cause of soccer in our community.  He is trying to continue the tradition of developing spectacular soccer players from the area by working with coaches at all levels to help train his association volunteers and to help make them successful. Matt continues to go out of his way to meet the needs of the players, parents and coaches.

Lizette Cortes – 2014 Nominee --- Resident for 2 ½ years

Mrs. Cortes has led the soccer booster club as President and has given to area needs through time, donations and material items. She maintains a kind, gentle spirit, yet "cheer-leads" for those who need a boost or fanfare for accomplishments. Lizette has assisted special needs students with reading materials at Byron Nelson High School. Mrs. Cortes treats people with dignity and respect, and always encourages students to go the extra mile. She laughs with them through the tough times and celebrates when new milestones are met. Mrs. Cortes is known by many and you never hear a negative word about her. Mrs. Cortes has had struggles of her own this past year, including the loss of her mother; and all the while finding special ways to lend a helping hand, give encouragement where needed, and never fails to offer assistance when she saw a need arise.


Brandon Michaelis – 2014 Recipient --- Resident for 14 years

Brandon Michaelis is an exceptional student and citizen. Brandon exemplifies outstanding leadership, models appropriate relationships with his peers, teachers, and community, as well as maintains excellent grades.

For the last 3 years, he has qualified for our top honor of community service by earning Presidential status. During this time, he has served over 500 hours in community service. Also, to receive this honor, students must maintain an average of 85 or higher in their classes. He has achieved this accomplishment every six weeks since starting at Medlin in 6th grade. Over several years, he has made outstanding contributions to Trophy Club's parks and trails. His efforts have also benefitted the Community Storehouse and Roanoke Food Pantry, which assists families in need in our community. He has also earned the status of Eagle Scout which shows his motivation and commitment to serving others. He has served on leadership teams at Medlin and has been a member of the National Junior Honor Society for the last 2 years. He has also served on Medlin's student leadership team who visits with Dr. Rue about educational experiences and opinions relating to Medlin. He is admired and respected by his teachers and peers, and is always respectful and responsible in his behavior. His teachers comment frequently on how polite and respectful he is in class. He has many friends and is well-liked by his classmates. He is always willing to lend a helping hand in the counseling center when we have tours, or to welcome new students.

Samantha Ellis – 2014 Nominee --- Resident for 2 ½ years

Samantha is an 8th grader at Medlin Middle School and is an exemplary student. She consistently maintains high A's in all of her advanced courses. She was awarded a counselor aide position this year due to her excellent citizenship, attendance, and positive role model status. Samantha has been volunteering throughout her enrollment at Medlin MS, always eager to give back to her school and community. She has currently earned 173 community service hours this school year. Samantha is diligent about her school work and she is much deserving of the gold status Presidential award that she will be rewarded with at the end of this school year. When she sees an opportunity, Samantha pursues it. She receives the Medlin "Silver Star" every six weeks due to her volunteer hours, high grades, and remarkable character. Samantha is well respected among her peers and teachers. She is willing to help other students with work and\or daily life situations. Samantha's maturity has always stood out. Samantha is an active member of National Junior Honor Society. She never hesitates to volunteer when needed for before and after school functions. She assisted with tours, setting up classrooms, Q & A sessions for upcoming sixth grade students, etc. Samantha also helped at Art & International Night at Lakeview Elem. She tutors elementary students as well. Samantha is a caring and devoted girl. She actively shopped for Christmas gifts for families in need. She traveled to New Mexico this past summer as part of a mission trip where she volunteered on a reservation. She also gave her time to Vacation Bible School, working with young children as a station and crew leader. Samantha Ellis is a remarkable young lady who truly deserves this award due to her leadership, desire to give and over all, "I want to be a good person and make a difference in the world" positive attitude.

Laura Miley – 2014 Nominee --- Resident for 3 years

What stands out about Laura is the variety of community service that she has done. She did not and does not just focus on one thing, she serves in many capacities. Laura has volunteered for the Trophy Club Women's Club by selling maps during the community garage sales, as well as being a greeter and a server during the Christmas Tour of Homes. She has volunteered during Vacation Bible School at St. Francis of Assisi Church and for one of Roanoke Elementary School's festivals. For the last two years she has volunteered at the Trophy Club Fire Department Open House and Waterfest. Currently she volunteers as an actor with the Trophy Club Police Department Explorers. Other volunteer activities include helping the Medlin Middle School Band, Beck Elementary Field Day and other events at Beck, the Byron Nelson High School band and the Technology Student Association program at Byron Nelson High School. Oh, and let's try not to spread this tidbit too far, but Laura is Buster the Bulldog, Beck's new mascot.