'Trophy Club Tribune' Donates Crossing Guard Paddles as Final Farewell Gesture

Posted by April Reiling on Sep 03, 2014
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Submitted by the Trophy Club Tribune --- Matthew Brashear

The Trophy Club Tribune, through the support of it’s advertising clients, proudly stands behind those who provide a safe route to school for Trophy Club children each day.  No one is closer to this issue of safety than Trophy Club’s team of dedicated crossing guards.  Each school year these individuals rise early in the morning and return later in the afternoon to guard our smallest residents as they traverse the ever-busier Trophy Club streets hundreds of times each year. 

It is therefore with great pride the Trophy Club Tribune donate 3 ultra-high visibility stop sign paddles to the team of Crossing Guards to be used as they see fit. 

The paddles are the latest in crossing guard equipment.  The stop sign paddles are equipped with intermittent flashing LED lights that dramatically increase the visibility of the Guard and those they protect.  The new LED paddles will more effectively grab the attention of busy motorists from a greater distance.  Motorists who may otherwise be preoccupied or a have diminished view of the road ahead due to inclement weather and fog. 

The Trophy Club Tribune is grateful for this network of dedicated guards who serve to protect our children throughout the year and is honored to provide this small token of appreciation.

We ask that all motorists be especially vigilant and patient on the roads during the school year, especially during this time of year where many of our children are walking and riding to school for the first time.

The Tribune Says Farewell

The following note was posted to the Trophy Club Tribune website:

Valued Tribune Reader,

It is with great sorrow that I inform you the Trophy Club Tribune will cease its operations. A special thanks goes out to all you Tribune readers. You are the ones who have made the Tribune possible.  Without the numerous supporters, contributors, advertisers and enormous community support the Tribune would not have been what it was.  I am personally honored to have served you and our town in this small way.

Since it's start in April, the Tribune has grown it’s monthly readership to over 3,000 with an email circulation of over 300.  I am very proud of this fact and feel that in time we would have achieved the kinds of numbers that would have done much to benefit the Trophy Club citizens.  However, with this growing readership comes a growing responsibility.  A responsibility to deliver timely and accurate news.  A responsibility that was becoming a challenge, one which I felt I was unable to meet given other private and professional obligations.  For this reason alone I have come to this difficult decision. 

I have enjoyed working with the many people that make up our community.  I have met many new friends and learned a great deal along the way. I hold a deep respect for those who give of their time as well as those who are compensated, all in the name of advancing the awesomeness of Trophy Club.  I truly feel blessed to be able to call Trophy Club home.

For those of you who have signed up to receive the Tribune via email, in the coming days I will be deleting that email list as well as any information you have provided through that subscription.  The Trophy Club Tribune Facebook Page will remain up for a week or so in order to communicate this message to all 700+ followers.

TrophyClubTribune.com will remain up for a time to allow any who may wish to revisit an article to do so.  However, no new content will be added to the Tribune.

 I am sad to see this venture fade out but the gravity and enormity of it will stay with me always.

The Tribune’s parting message:

The role public media plays in a republic is just as crucial to the health and longevity of that government as are the representatives themselves.  It’s often been said that the media is the fourth arm of the government.  Without it the people are largely left with rumor, misinformation and as a result become disenfranchised.  I urge each resident to take it upon themselves to get and stay informed on all matters of Trophy Club. 

With the ever-demanding business environment we find ourselves and the time we do have with our families coming at a premium, many residents simply don’t have the spare time to attend NISD, MUD or Town Council meetings.  I urge the leaders and staffers of these organizations to look for new and technological ways of engaging residents and deriving their feedback on any number of issues facing our community.  This, so our leadership may make ever-better and more informed decisions from the dais.     

 My deepest regards,

 Matthew Brashear
 Editor in Chief
 Trophy Club Tribune