Temporarily Suspending Distribution of Mosquito Larvicide Briquettes

Posted by April Reiling on Aug 07, 2014
Tags: Community, West Nile Virus, Transparency, Town News, Public Health

Update (August 19, 2014) --- Residents are welcome to call or email Code Enforcement for help with mosquito dunks on private property or an area of concern: 682-831-4659.

The Texas Department of Agriculture has determined that, "The only way to redistribute pesticides (classified as general use) such as most if not all mosquito dunks are general use,  is to distribute them in the manufacturer’s original packaging. You cannot take a bulk amount of product, re-package it (even with a copy of the label) and distribute them.” — Perry Cervantes, Coordinator for Pesticide Certification and Compliance, Texas Department of Agriculture

As a result, the Town is temporarily suspending the distribution of mosquito dunks (larvicide briquettes) to Trophy Club residents until a solution is developed. Staff is researching options and alternatives in hopes to be able to continue providing mosquito larvicide briquettes to the community at no charge.