Trophy Club Adult Kickball Season Success

Posted by Alora Wachholz on Jul 28, 2014
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The premier season of the Trophy Club Adult Kickball League was a fantastic success! After three rained-out regular season games, a semifinal game that was cooled down with surprise sprinklers, and the lights going out during the championship game, this summer league proved to be an adventure full of camaraderie and fun.

In total, six teams battled it out this season with the Royal Rednecks coming in first place in the single elimination tournament. Over the course of the season, however, Kickin Up Dust edged Recreational Hazard out of the top winning spot, with four wins, and one tie.

Regular Season Standings
Team Win Loss Tie PCT*
Kickin Up Dust 4 0 1 0.9
Recreational Hazard 4 1 0 0.8
Avengers 2 1 2 0.6
Royal Rednecks 1 2 2 0.4
Balls N Dolls 1 3 1 0.3
SteelyDansBalls 0 5 0 0.0
*PCT = Winning Percentage

For more detailed information regarding the summer 2014 season, click here.

The Town would like to thank Reece Bautista, Adam Broyles, Timothy Kurtz, Dave Abdulky, David Stout, and others who helped to make this kickball league happen!

Special recognition also goes to SteelyDansBalls for losing every single game of the season with grace and valor. Way to try! You are each champions in our hearts.

The Town is currently in the process of working on a schedule for the fall season and will begin accepting team registrations in the near future.